Practicing Some Art

10 Mar

Throughout the course of this project it’s become very clear to me how advantageous it would be if I was capable of creating my own art. As a result I’ve started dedicating some of my time to practicing some digital art. At first I tried some pixel art but it soon became clear that this was not my thing. Then I tried a few things in Inkscape and the results were a bit better. Eventually I hope to be capable of producing the majority of the art for my games by myself. Below is a list of some of the early things I have worked on.

Electric Box:

This was actually for my game and is used in some of the cave levels. I couldn’t find anything suitable for what I wanted in the open source world so I went ahead and took a stab at it myself.



These I also drew up with the intention of using in my game. For the cave levels I’m using a tile-set found here but I really needed a boulder so I followed the color scheme and the style (somewhat) and made my own boulder. The second one is the one I ended up using so I scaled it up a bit.


Boulder Animation:

I did this just for fun/experimentation. If I had decided to make a rock spell of some kind it would have been cool to have an animation of the boulder being created so I decided to try and make one. It turned out decent.

boulderCreation boulderCreationSheet

Skeleton Vector Version:

For one of the enemies in my game I am using this and as a way to experiment more with vector drawing I decided to make a vector version of the skeleton. I figured it might be useful in the future for a different game or if I decide to modify this game to a vector art style.

skeleton skeletonPieces

Crusader Knight:

This is another vector character I made. This one was completely from scratch. It was good for practice and possibly could be used in a future game.

knight KnightPieces

I have released all of these assets to the open source community and they can be downloaded from my profile


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2 responses to “Practicing Some Art

  1. firefang316

    March 20, 2013 at 4:27 am

    Very nice. I like the art sheet of the Crusader knight. You might want to use that template to create lots of different character sprites, if thats whats required for your project.

    • mjholtzem

      March 20, 2013 at 6:50 pm

      Yeah I plan to use it in my next project. I’m thinking it will be cool to have several characters and different armor and weapons that can all be switched out


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