Cave World Completed!!!

08 Apr


This weekend I pushed hard and managed to finish “world 2” of The Wandering Wizard. This set posed a serious challenge to me mostly due to the art assets I was using. They were not square tiles so it took a lot of work to make different pieces match up nicely to make the shapes I wanted and it was just a general pain to make colors and collides and such to match up. In the end I’m glad I used these tiles because they look awesome but this experience has also taught me how lack of an efficient workflow can hamper progress and motivation greatly.

There was also of course the issue of coming up with new and original puzzles using the mechanics I had in place. I think it was a bit easier in the forest levels because there is a lot of room for creativity when you have general mechanics such as levers and other “push-able” things. This opened up to a lot of different physics related puzzles. With the cave levels it was a challenge to come up with good ideas that didn’t have easy workarounds.

Unity - elevator of death

Testing Needed

Although all the levels are completed and I’ve tested them a bit it would be unrealistic to expect I’ve seen the last of them. I will probably be playing through the levels on my phone looking for any glitches I missed. For anyone reading this I would love if you downloaded the April 7th build and tested it yourself!

Next Up

I’ve already began laying some of the groundwork for “world 3” which as I’ve mentioned will be in the spirit world/underworld. I think I’m going to shoot for the starts and do a full 20 levels for the 3rd world. I’ve already thought up some pretty cool mechanics for it and have pieced together some pretty cool art assets for it. All in all I’m not looking forward to coding new mechanics but I’m very excited for the results!!!

Here’s a little sample of things to come


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