Some New Visual Elements

18 Apr

This week I found myself needing to replace a few things in the game.


The most inconvenient of these was the background for the forest levels. I realized that the license for the art I was using before will not work for me and I couldn’t get special permission to use it either, so I was forced to find an alternative. Luckily it didn’t take long to find this



I personally like the old one a bit better but this will work just fine. It also gave me an idea for some visual progression in the forest levels. As you get to the later levels the background is lowered so that it appears that you’re ascending into the mountains. This makes sense since the next world is in the caves.

Here’s another pic of what it looks like in game.




I also decided to modify the main font used in the game for everything except the journal entries. The problem with the old font I was using is that it was kinda low res so it looked very pixel-ated when enlarged (The game uses Bitmap fonts so they don’t scale perfectly like the fonts you see in MS WORD). Anyway I generated a new Bitmap font as a much higher resolution so it looks a lot cleaner and clearer.


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Posted by on April 18, 2013 in Developer Diary


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