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Where to get FREE ART

Things To Know

Before you go downloading and using other people’s art it’s important to know what all of the opens source licenses mean. If you are planning to make an open source game there are a lot of appropriate licenses for you but if you want to make something to sell there are really only two applicable choices.

Public Domain: This basically means you can do anything you want however you want. It’s the most open license there is and the easiest to deal with.

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0: This is also fairly open to use for whatever you want but it’s important to note that you must credit the author of the work in your product. In The Wandering Wizard I provided a credits page that attributed all of the proper artists.

Anything besides these two you probably don’t want to use for a commercial product unless it’s some proprietary license that allows for it.

For a bit more info on these and other licenses I recommend reading this faq page from

Sites I’ve found

This site has a ton of 2d and 3d art as well as music! It’s my number one go to for all of my game asset needs. Pro tip if a submission has more than 1 license listed that means you get to pick the one you prefer.

This is a blog by an indie game development studio and contains reviews and news and stuff. It also contains a few awesome animation packs

Although I’ve never used anything from this site at this point it still has a large number of 2d and 3d stuff and is worth looking into.

This one is a blog by an indie game artist and she occasionally released an art set for free which is pretty awesome\

This site is just plain awesome!!! There are a bunch of free art packs but they don’t stop there. You can also find a few art tutorials here that can bolster your own skills. If the free art isn’t enough to meet your needs they also have a store with fairly priced art assets. These guys have some pretty high quality stuff and I would highly recommend them.

Last but not least is the blog of former professional game artist Daniel Cook. There are some really awesome sets in here. I used one in the proposal platform and am planning to use another in my next game Valaron

Well I hope this is helpful for someone, as it’s harder than you would think to find legal free art that you can use in a commecial game 😀

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