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Amazon App Store

It took a bit longer for approval but The Wandering Wizard is now available on the amazon app store for anyone using a kindle device.

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On the play store!!!

Today I released the wandering wizard on the Google play store so follow the link and download it!!! Give a rating as well if you feel so inclined

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Developer Diary #7


Tonight I have completed the first full version of the game. With all levels (now 56), all journals, and all extra scenes finished. New things include the following

  • Tutorial
  • Credits
  • End Cut-scene
  • Ads for monetization

The Ending

In the end I decided instead of making the last 5 levels I would make one super long and hard level. This level turned out to be pretty darn difficult and even I took many many tries to beat it. That being said it is very satisfying to complete.

After the last level comes the last journal which is actually a cut-scene. You go through some dialogue and then the player gets to choose between two endings. Basically one is the way of the hero and one the way of the villain. You will have to see for yourself for more details.

Unity - endCutsceneUnity - credits Unity - tutorial

What needs to be done?

All in all this is pretty complete but there are a few things left I need to do

  • general optimizations: This isn’t necessarily mandatory but I want the game to be playable on as many devices as possible
  • proof-reading: This is for all of the journals and dialogue. I need to make sure that the spelling and grammar are correct because I typed it all in a text editor with no spell check
  • small level changes: I need to test the levels and get other people to test them. Based on observations and feedback I will probably make small adjustments to levels to make them easier/more difficult depending on where they are in the game.

Trailer Incoming

When I get the chance I also want to make a killer awesome trailer for the game with epic music and taglines and basically the whole 9 yards.

Complete Build

From now on I will be putting a file called “The Wandering Wizard.apk” in the builds dropbox folder which will always be the most recent stable build. Download that for testing if you are interested.

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Build Link Back Up

When I moved the blog I didn’t set up the menus properly so there was no link for the builds of the game. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!

You will now find a link on the main navigation bar called “download builds” that will take you to the dropbox folder. Just find the one with the most recent date 😀

P.S. if you try out the game and have something to say then let me know, I appreciate any feedback.


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