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AAA: The Game (Development Diary #2)

It hasn’t been long since the last time I posted but I’ve made some significant updates that I wanted to share!!!


The first thing was to change the jewels into android os themed desserts. A lot of people on Google+ suggested this and it was such a no brainer that I’m embarrassed I didn’t think of it in the first place. But no matter you will now see cupcakes, donuts, and eclairs!!!


I made it so that the game speed increases the longer you play (up to a maximum). Later I will add a powerup that resets the speed back to it’s starting value.


I made a lot of subtle changes to the modular pieces of terrain that can spawn.

  • I added more variations of obstacles
  • I gave each powerup it’s own object (before it was a single object that would pick a powerup randomly). This makes the pickup placement more appropriate for the nature of each powerup.
  • I added a few objects that had no obstacles, just big clusters of desserts!!!


Someone on Google+ (or a couple people) mentioned something about patent trolls which gave me an awesome idea! Now once you hit certain score milestones (200 point intervals for now), you will be faced with a mean green patent troll armed with deadly gavels and a mac pro jetpack!!! WATCH OUT!!!!!!!


What’s Next:

The features are coming along nicely and unfortunately the next logical step is to either mess with sound effects or start optimizing (BOOOOORING!!!). But yeah stay tuned…


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The Wandering Wizard on iOS




Well this is one more major platform to cross off the list. The Wandering Wizard is finally available on the iOS app store!!!

If you are an apple user and have been waiting for a chance to try out this fun and challenging game then NOW IS THE TIME!!!!!

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Thruster Phase (Proof of Concept)

Thruster Phase (Proof of Concept)

I recently came up with an idea for a new game and have spent some time fleshing out a quick demo of the concept. I want to throw this out to the community basically to get an idea if this would be fun or stupid.

Thruster Phase!!!


Thruster Phase is a science fiction game where you guide a spaceship through various levels to reach an energy source at the end. The catch is that instead of directly controlling the ship you specify a series of thruster phases that are then executed in a simulation!

Basically the ship has 4 engines each in a direction and you tell each one how long to fire and how strongly. You keep iterating on your sequence until you complete the “mission” succesfully.

If this doesn’t make sense then hopefully it will when you try the demo 😀


Here are a few images of the game to give you a general idea.
Unity - MainMenu
Unity - Level1_2
Unity - Level1


Last but not least is a demo with a little tutorial and 5 introductory levels!!!

I’d love if anyone reading this would try it out and let me know what you think of the game concept!!!



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