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Dwarf In The Woods: First Look

Dwarf In The Woods: First Look


About a month or so ago I started a rather large and ambitious platformer project, so naturally I temporarily lost motivation and chose to work on something new and simpler!!!

And thus my new project Dwarf In The Woods was born. It’s another infinite runner, but this time around it’s all about COMBAT!!!!

2014-02-13 13_33_35-Dwarf In The Woods 2014-02-13 13_32_40-Dwarf In The Woods 2014-02-13 13_31_53-Dwarf In The Woods


I’ve worked on it for about 3 days so far and I have the basic gameplay finished along with some pretty cool “flair”. You can do two things, attack and jump. Slice up enemies while avoiding an untimely death. There are two monster types, a goblin and a spiderbat which you can kill with your axe. Additionally you can kill goblins by jumping on their heads!!!


The environmental art that you see was clearly not drawn by me. It was part of an art pack I purchased recently from the unity asset store.

The Dwarf and the monsters however were all me!!! I sketched them out and then drew them up in Inkscape and exported them to Unity, I also did all of the animations 😀


What’s Next

I may add somemore depth to the gameplay (i.e. powerups, increasing difficulty, maaaaaaybe other monsters) but this depends on the feedback I get and what I feel like tackling.

the main work left to do is all the stuff I hate. This includes but is not limited to…

  • Sound Effects/Music
  • Menus and General UI
  • High Score
  • Integration of various services (i.e. Ads, online leaderboards, etc.)

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Thruster Phase (Proof of Concept)

Thruster Phase (Proof of Concept)

I recently came up with an idea for a new game and have spent some time fleshing out a quick demo of the concept. I want to throw this out to the community basically to get an idea if this would be fun or stupid.

Thruster Phase!!!


Thruster Phase is a science fiction game where you guide a spaceship through various levels to reach an energy source at the end. The catch is that instead of directly controlling the ship you specify a series of thruster phases that are then executed in a simulation!

Basically the ship has 4 engines each in a direction and you tell each one how long to fire and how strongly. You keep iterating on your sequence until you complete the “mission” succesfully.

If this doesn’t make sense then hopefully it will when you try the demo 😀


Here are a few images of the game to give you a general idea.
Unity - MainMenu
Unity - Level1_2
Unity - Level1


Last but not least is a demo with a little tutorial and 5 introductory levels!!!

I’d love if anyone reading this would try it out and let me know what you think of the game concept!!!



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